Sky Maids understands that emergencies may happen, but to hold the structure to serve all clients consistently, we are forced to cover at least part of the labor costs, so by working with Sky Maids you will be requested to agree and sign the CANCELLATION POLICY. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any cleaning could be CANCELLED OR RE-SCHEDULED UP TO 1 PM AT THE DAY BEFORE FOR FREE, DURING BUSINESS HOURS,  your job was scheduled to happen.

The cancellation or re-schedule can be done by voice call, email, or texting. It should be validated by our answer acknowledging it.

Any re-scheduling or cancellation after that time generates a cancellation fee of $50.00. No exceptions.

A) Monthly or every three weeks clients can’t cancel any cleaning job, it could be re-scheduled within the same month. It means, it should never be more than three or four weeks between two cleanings.

B) Every other week and weekly clients can’t cancel or re-schedule twice in a row (2 sequential jobs).

C) Limits thru out the year ( 12 months ):    Cancellation                                    re-scheduling
weekly clients:                                                                 4                                                         6
Every other week clients:                                               2                                                         3
Monthly or every three weeks clients:                         0                                                         3

D) Any Cancellation or re-scheduling out of this limits will generate a 20% price change on the regular agreed prices.